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Site History

In 1721 Thomas Guy applied to the governors for a lease of several plots of ground close to St. Thomas Hospital. One year later Guy leased the ground for 1000 years at a rent of £30 a year.

After his death in 1724, the plan of building a new hospital was passed to trustees: Sir Gregory Page, Charles Joye, William Clayton, Thomas Hollis, John Kenrick, John Lade, Dr. Richard Mead, Moses Raper and John Sprint, who was instructed to:

“finish and fit up the two new squares of building in Southwark, . . . intended for an Hospital for reception of four hundred poor persons or upwards, labouring under any distempers, infirmities, or disorders, thought capable of relief by physick or surgery; but who, by reason of the small hopes there may be of their cure, or the length of time which for that purpose may be required are, or may be adjudged or called Incurable, and as such not proper objects to be received into or continued in the present Hospital of Saint Thomas.”
The hospital was opened in 1725. In 1738 the General Court of the hospital started the expansion of the building. New East Wing was designed by James Steer and completed one year later. The West Wing was erected in 1774-80 and designed by Richard Jupp.

The original hospital consisted of a courtyard facing St Thomas Street. The building have been added to over the years, and extensively repaired following severe bomb damage during the blitz. In 1974 the hospital added the 34 storey Guy’s Tower.

Today Guy’s Hospital consists of 19 distinct buildings dating from 18th century to the present. Guy’s Tower was fully refurbished with an external retrofit lead by architects Penoyre & Prasad completed in 2014.

The latest architectural addition to Guy’s Hospital site is the Cancer Centre at Guy’s led by architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, which was completed in 2016.
plot leased in 1721 by thomas guy
the emblem of guy's hospital
Guys Hospital Southwark engraving
guy's hospital southwark
guy's hospital mid-18th century
1820 engraving of the entrance by james elmes and william woolnoth


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