The New Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence at Guy’s
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Frequently Asked Questions

Patients, Carers and Staff

Why are we building a new Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence?

Our orthopaedic services at Guy’s Hospital currently runs from four main theatres, one day surgery theatre, two inpatient wards and a dedicated outpatient area. This service is already operating to capacity with limited scope for expansion, without expanding the physical building.

The key drivers behind this were local and national demand trends, which showed that orthopaedics is a growing specialty, disproportionately impacted by an ageing population. To meet this demand, we are proposing to deliver a state-of-the-art treatment and education facility.

The new building will contain up to eight new theatres, surgical admissions, recovery, education and research facilities to deliver capacity for approximately 11,500 orthopaedics cases per year by 2023.

How have patients and staff been involved in developing the design plans to ensure the new Centre will be fit for purpose?

Guy’s and St Thomas’ is committed to involving patients and staff in the development and improvement of its services and buildings. To ensure that this new facility meets the needs of our patients, decisions about the design and delivery of the new facility has been made by engaging with orthopaedic patients, staff and members of the public. 

So far, patients have been involved in three design workshops via our patient public reference group. They have provided feedback on our current orthopaedics services, giving advice on how we can improve our service, and informing the design of the Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence. Patients have been involved in:

  • Informing the ‘design brief’ – a document architects use to understand how a building will be used and to develop designs for the building and the different spaces inside it
  • Reviewing early building designs and providing feedback to the project team
  • Sharing their experiences of using our orthopaedic services and helping us review the way the service is delivered (these conversations informed the medi-rooms model.

What services will the new Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence provide?

The proposal will deliver a world class facility, fully equipped with modern technology and clinical advances in orthopaedic care and treatment.

The new facility will comprise of eight fully equipped modern theatre rooms with supporting uses including new reception and waiting area, individual medi-rooms for consultation, preparation and post- surgery care/recovery, dedicated staff area and a new flexible education and training centre for staff and students.

The ‘medi-room’ concept will allow each patient to have their own room where they are received, consented, prepped for surgery and cared for post-surgery, while they recover. This model reduces the number of times patients are moved between treatment/exam rooms, reduces patient stress while maximising patient privacy and dignity and overall experience.

It looks like a large building. How will patients find their way around it?

The new facility will be linked to Guy’s Hospital via the Tower Wing, therefore access to the new building will be provided via the main hospital entrance on Great Maze Pond.

We are working with the project team, our wayfinding manager, staff and patients to look at examples of wayfinding, in particular the way art and Information technology can be used to enhance the flow of visitors to the building.

Which geographical areas will the new Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence serve?

The new facility will treat all local patients, as well as patients from all referral centres in South East London.

What age of patients will the new Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence cover?

The services provided will be for adults only.

Planning and Design

Why is a public consultation needed?

The design proposal has been developed with extensive engagement with key stakeholders including patients, staff and healthcare professionals to ensure that the new facility is fit for purpose and meets the needs of its users.

At the start of the process, we considered several options for the site from refurbishment through to a new building. Many design considerations have been taken into account to ensure we build a facility fit for purpose, future proofed and maximises the area designated for the new building with the best and most cost-effective options.

We are confident that we now have a design proposal which meets the aspirations of patients and staff and in a position to share this proposals with the wider community. All feedback from this stage will help us to prepare for a full planning application which will need to be submitted to the London Borough of Southwark to consider.

We have appointed Incite Communication, a community consultation specialist to collate the feedback on behalf of the project team.

How tall will the building be and will it affect views?

The total height of the building will be approximately 36 meters which is 8 storeys high to accommodate the clinical requirements and functionality of the facility. The proposed building will be occupy the majority of the assigned area, approximately 6500sqm and create a landmark building to mark the northern entrance to the Guy’s Hospital site.

Will local residents and businesses be affected by more traffic generally, by more cars, by more servicing vehicles?

All servicing requirements for the building will be delivered via the existing loading bay to the Guy’s site. Patients can be dropped-off and picked-up via the hospital’s main car park.

In what ways will the construction be environmentally friendly?

The Trust and design team are working to achieve a BREEAM Excellent rating for this building. BREEAM [Building Research Establishments Environmental Assessment Method’] is recognised nationally and internationally as the most robust and rigorous method for assessing the environmental performance of buildings.

The proposed building will link into Guy’s combined heat and power (CHP) engines which generates electricity and heat to the hospital. These units produce enough electricity to meet half of our energy needs, reducing the carbon dioxide emissions.

In addition the facility will have solar panels integrated within the building.

Costs and Funding

What is the orthopaedics contract with Johnson & Johnson Managed Services?

Johnson & Johnson Managed Services, part of Johnson & Johnson Finance Limited, and Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust have entered into a 15-year partnership to deliver an Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence at Guy's Hospital.

Developed with the needs of patients at its heart, it reflects a joint commitment to improving the future of healthcare through innovation and collaboration.

This new partnership is designed to enhance the standard of care for orthopaedic patients by addressing the increasing resource challenges faced by the NHS. It will help to improve efficiency and quality of care for patients, whilst reducing cost.

As part of the agreement, Johnson & Johnson Managed Services will improve the ordering and deliveries to theatres of orthopaedic prosthetics, consumables and surgical instruments. This new method of working will create cost savings to the Trust which will be reinvested back into patient services.

Phase 1 is a managed service agreement for the procurement of devices, surgical instruments and implants required for orthopaedic surgery, by streamlining the supply chain this will improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Phase 2 has been the delivery of an additional operating theatre.

Phase 3 is the delivery of the Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence which will also provide a hub for education and training, and offer a dedicated space to facilitate leading-edge research to improve clinical outcomes.

Johnson & Johnson Managed Services only have a role in providing managed services, they do not have decision-making role in the supplies ordered, or in the delivery of orthopaedic services.

What is the cost of this project and when will it be open for patients?

We are currently in design stage 3, where we have a design proposal which is ready for public consultation with the wider community.

Feedback from this engagement exercise will help to inform the proposal which could impact the final costs and times for the project. We will be better informed about these after the planning application has been submitted to the London Borough of Southwark.


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